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My Systems
3D S320 II
Advent 7041
Aztech MR2800W
Belkin BT USB
CanoScan N1240U
Haup WinTV
Lexmark Z52
NetGear FA31x
PCTel Modm


Taurus Linux Pages
Welcome to my Linux Pages. This is a relatively new section, which is devoted to Linuxy things.

I use Linux actively both at Work and at Home. I develop for Linux and use it as my main OS. I have a number of stable Linux systems and these pages are designed to help people using the same or similar hardware to myself.

My Linux machines *UPDATED*
Advent 7041 Laptop *NEW*

ECS L7VTA Motherboard *NEW*

Aztech MR2800W WinModem
Aztech Trident PCI288-Q3DII (NX)
Dell CPx sound
Hauppauge WinTV PCI
Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B
Leadtek WinFast 3D S320 II
PCTel Modems
NEC ND-3500A DVD Re-Writer
PCtel HSP56/MR-8060B Modem
Netgear cards FA310TX & FA311

Belkin F8T001 Bluetooth Dongle
Canon CanoScan N1240U *UPD*
Lexmark Z52 JetPrinter
Logitech QuickCam Pro *UPDATED*
PNY Tech. CF Reader

Linux on Javastations
Information on Krups
Information on Mr.Coffee
Piggyback source + i386 binary

Links to My Contributions
The Linux on JavaStation HOWTO
The Unofficial PCtel Modem Driver

Linux Links
Linux Format Magazine
Linux PCI ID Repository
PsiLinux (previously Linux7k)
Beyond EPOC, ELKS on Psion Series 3 *Very old*

Windows Links

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29th May 2004 Updated My Systems and added more detail to Advent 7041 and ECS L7VTA. Added Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 and PCtel HSP56 Modem. Also added links to PCtel driver site and Linux PCI ID Repository.
14th April 2004 Added details of Advent 7041 Laptop, a value for money 1.5 GHz Centrino Widescreen Laptop, and the ECS (Elite Computer Systems) L7VTA Motherboard, an ATX mobo with plenty of punch and loaded with almost all the ports you could wish for.
7th Feb 2004 Added details of the Belkin F8T001 USB Bluetooth Dongle. This is a small device which plugs into a USB port (or dangles on a short cable) giving Bluetooth access with a range of up to 100m.
20th Aug 2003 A new Linux driver is available for the Logitech QuickCam Pro (dark focus ring). The driver is still in its infancy, but I have managed to get a picture out of it.
18th Jan 2003 Added details of using Windows as a boot server for JavaStations running Linux, and mapped out the boot sequence for Mr.Coffee and Krups in detail.
16th Dec 2002 A new Linux driver is available for the CanoScan N1240U. This new driver is intended for use with SANE and all applications that support SANE e.g. The GIMP.
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