Babbage: Harvest Difference Engine

Babbage is a fully integrated extension to CA Harvest Software Change Manager Workbench which adds the ability to compare the structure of individual project lifecycles. Lifecycles can be compared with one another, or with templates. For enterprises with multiple brokers, lifecycles can also be compared across brokers.

Users of Harvest will be well aware of the difficulties of managing changes to the lifecycles defined within the tool. Babbage is designed to make the lives of Harvest Administrators much simpler by quickly highlighting those differences.

Uses include:

  • Determining which lifecycle template was used to create a project
  • Helping keep projects in sync with the templates from which they were created
  • Enabling access control changes to be detected
  • Finding processes which short-circuit the development process

Babbage is named after Charles Babbage, 1791-1871, inventor of the Difference Engine.

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