Aztech Trident PCI288-Q3DII (NX) Soundcard

The Aztech Trident PCI288-Q3DII (NX) is the soundcard that is shipped with the Packard-Bell Platinum 6001 machine, amongst others. It provides high quality sound to up to four speakers and has line-in and microphone channels.

Windows Support
The machine came pre-configured with Windows 98 Second Edition with the soundcard driver already installed, which worked fine.

Upgrading to Windows XP was more problematic, as WinXP is not shipped with an appropriate driver, nor do Aztech provide a suitable driver. DO NOT use their NT4 driver, as this is highly unstable under Windows XP.

A suitable driver for Windows XP can be obtained from You need to search for Trident 4d.

Linux Support
Linux has supported this soundcard for quite some time with the 'trident' driver. RedHat will detect this auto-magically. The trident driver works very well and I have not had any problems with it.